List Of Chrome Extensions For SEO

List Of Chrome Extensions For SEO

Google Chrome has accepted a predominant situation as the world’s preferred desktop browser, and it very well may be altered utilizing a huge number of downloadable browser extensions. Among these are many SEO-themed extensions which can help SEOs in all aspects of their work. Its central job among Google’s immense set-up of digital hardware and software has driven this development, however, clients additionally love the wonderful way adjustable the program is. There is a smidgen of an expectation to learn and adapt to utilizing some SEO Chrome extensions, however, once they become propensity, they will spare a lot of time over the long haul.

In this blog, we will learn about the list of Chrome Extensions For SEO.

UberSuggest Chrome Extension

 Ubersuggest is a free Chrome extension that shows you the most noteworthy SEO measurements legitimately in Google indexed lists. For each new search acted in Google, you’ll access key SEO measurements identified with your search query. Let’s have insights that you will gain access to:

  • Metrics about each of the first 10 search results, such as:-
  • Domain Score
  • Pinterest and Facebook shares
  • Backlinks
  • A chart showing you a correlation between backlinks and the top 10 results.
  • Search volume and CPC data for your search term right at Google’s search bar
  • An inventory of exceptionally focused on watchword proposals in the right-hand sidebar, as indicated by your nation inclinations
  • The average number of backlinks and domain scores that the top 10 results have.

SEOQuake Chrome Extension

 SEOquake is a free module that furnishes you with key SEO measurements, alongside other helpful instruments, for example, SEO Audit and numerous others. Features of this chrome extension are as follows:

  • Determine the keywords’ thickness and arrange a stop-word list
  • Compare URLs/spaces
  • Review every significant measurement instantly
  • Get an exhaustive examination of SERPs and fare the outcomes in CSV group
  • Estimate catchphrase trouble in a split second
  • Check your social measurements for Facebook and Google+
  • Use a wide scope of default boundaries or make a unique set
  • Get a full report for interior/outside connections
  • Set boundaries for a pursuit inquiry
  • Run a total SEO review of a site page, including a check for portable similarity

Chrome ExtensionDetailed SEO Extension

You can get SEO-related bits of knowledge at the snap of a catch to any site you’re as of now on. Apart from this, you can undoubtedly observe yours and your rival’s site title tag, meta portrayal, meta robots tag, and substantially more on only a single tick. Moreover, save long periods glancing through the source code of this page with SEO investigation extension.

MozBar Chrome Extension

This is truly outstanding and most utilized SEO Chrome Extension by any SEO Marketer and Digital Marketers. Moreover, MozBar gives you instant measurements while seeing any page or SERP. Features are as follows:

  • Make custom ventures by city, region, country, and engine.
  • Rapidly survey the Page Authority and Domain Authority of any site or page.
  • Access and look at connect measurements across pages while seeing any SERP.
  • Find and feature watchwords on a page and separate connections by type: Followed, No-Followed, External, or Internal.
  • Uncover page components, general characteristics, markup, and HTTP status.
  • Fare your web index results page (SERP) investigation subtleties to a CSV record.

SEO Meta 1 Click Chrome Extension

SEO META in 1 CLICK is a device that shows all meta labels/information and primary SEO data. By utilizing this instrument, we trust you can more readily oversee and improve your SEO and visibility on the Internet. Apart from this, it shows all metadata and primary SEO data for the best SEO. It focuses on displaying:

  • Number of images with and without ALT,
  • The number of links (internal, unique, …)
  • Open Graph and twitter social data
  • Robots.txt and sitemap.xml and much more.
  • Title and its length,
  • Description and its length,
  • URL (and meta-canonical URL too),
  • Meta-robots,
  • Displaying headers in the order of their appearance in HTML (H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, and H6),

Keyword Everywhere Chrome Extension

Keyword Everywhere is a freemium chrome extension that shows your websites month to month search volume, CPC, and rivalry information on 15+ sites.

Free clients: Keywords Everywhere shows you “related” keywords just as “people also search for” keywords in gadgets on the right-hand side of Google and Bing. They additionally observe the YouTube search bits of knowledge gadget, just as the YouTube Tags gadget.

Paid clients: To see month to month search volume, CPC, trend & competition information, clients need to buy credits.

Meta SEO Inspector Chrome Extension

META SEO Inspector is a Chrome extension that encourages you to break down the content of any Web page. Helpful to review the metadata discovered inside website pages, as a rule not obvious while browsing.

What You Can view:-

  • Title meta depiction length.
  • Meta depiction length.
  • Keywords
  • HTML Headers Hierarchies (for instance:- H5 after an H2; it would you propose to utilize an H4).
  • On the off chance that you have pictures with no trait and may more.

VidIQ Vision for Youtube Chrome Extension

VidIQ provides you authentic and unique information that can significantly improve your video’s presentation, promotion opportunities, and subscriber engagement.

Highlights of video chrome extension: 

  • vidIQ Score
  • Channel Audit
  • Normal Watch Time
  • Internet-based life Likes/Shares/Comments ETC


Hope the above-mentioned SEO chrome extension helps you a lot in your work. There are many tools out there. Chrome and its extensions are only one of them. Moreover, there are lots of options when it comes to SEO. You have to just select the best one that works well for you.

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